Some of our interns

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Testimonials of some of our interns

Julia / Spain

I just wanted to thanks Eppas for all they have done for me during my stay in Prague. The truth is that whenever we have had the slightest problem they have responded quickly and have solved it as soon as possible. Also wanted to emphasize the closeness with our tutor, we have maintained a very close and friendly relationship and always made me feel at home. Thanks for making it all easier.

Fabiana / Italy

Eppas has received and helped us in an excellent way. Our tutor tried and achieved to do everything correctly and as fast as possible. If there have been some little problems then we cooperated with our tutor and he tried his best to help us and solve them quickly and without farther troubles.

Our apartment was in the centre and was really nice and we could go everywhere easily because nearby we had all sort of transports. With the other flatmates we turned into very good friends and with the help and assistance of Eppas we have seen a lot of charming places and visited a lot of interesting events.

I have done my training in two different places and I was completely satisfied of both of them. The one in a business company and the other in an art café. I have participated in a lot of tasks such as events organization, presentations, administrative works and personal assistance. The atmosphere at work was really friendly and I keep in touch with both the bosses that I had. I can say that I learned a lot from these two different jobs and I feel that I had the best that I could.

I would like to say special thank you to our tutor for the help and I think that in him we found not just a tutor, but also a friend that supported, helped and guided us. I can definitely say that I will come back to Prague.

Virginia / Spain

Eppas has been our best guide here in Prague, for the very first time they gave us what we need and they show how the process would be. They have solved and arrange everything quickly. I am very grateful for their job and how they manage our internship.

Prague is a nice place, I could live and work in a charm city and I could live in other culture because I think it is the only way to get a good experience. The benefits have been many and I felt Prague one of the best city for living.

My internship was excellent because I could know other business culture in a good team. My relationship with other coworkers has been very useful because they gave me the opportunity to be a part of their team. I did some marketing researches about European TV market and I presented the results at the end.

Silvia / Italy

I would like to spend some words about my experience in Prague. It has been very nice and interesting leave in a so beautiful city, where there are a lot of things to do and to see. I had have a positive and amazing experience I can only suggest to go to Prague and try to discover everything that is possible. The organization has been perfect since the beginning when I arrived. Eppas gave me a good welcome and all the necessary information . The flat was fantastic well equipped, big and in a comfortable position. I spent a wonderful time I keep with me only nice memories and happiness of having done this unique experience. A special thanks to Martin, He has been very nice and helpful, showing enthusiasm and making me feel like at home.

Federica / Italy

Eppas has been absolutely perfect. The Eppas member was helpful, friendly, always there for us, ready for every necessity we had. He gave us lots of helpful information about Prague, public transport, places to visit, meeting-place etc...and also he worked well to find the better workplacement for each of us, asking after how it was going. Our accomodation was great: comfortable, large, clean and in a good position. Finally, all was perfect during our three months in Prague, thanks to Eppas.

Julie / France

Eppas is a great organization! Praha is a beautiful city and tchèque people are very polite with foreigners. Martin was very nice and helpful all the time. At the beginning, he is always with you, to help you with all matters (subway, famous place, sightseeing, restaurants etc.).... If you want to live each month in foreign country, Praha is the CITY! It was my first experience and now i would like to live still in the other country. Thanks again Eppas and my tchèque Friends :=) I will keep a lot of very nice memories.

Filipe / Portugal

In my opinion the collaboration with Eppas was flawless, everything ran smoothly without any problems and when some personal or professional issue occured it was promptly taken care of. The job interviews arranged were diverse and interesting and resulted in a fullfilled experience. Giving me peace of mind and an unconcerned way to embrace everything Prague as to offer.

Alicia / Spain

Prague is a spectacular city, once you enter at the historical center of Prague you can feel like be in a fairy tale. It is a beautiful city with many things to do, many museums, art galleries, in addition there are a lot of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It is a city where you can’t getting bored, and if you do you can visit many villages around it are beautiful. (Karlovy Vary, Česky Krumlov, Kutna Hora).

All this coupled with a company that helps you in everything you need as Eppas, make your stay easier.

First in the initial meeting Eppas gives you all the necessary information about the city, transportation areas, etc. And then ask what you ask, when you asked, Martin always gives you answers and solutions to any problems that will arise, both related to the city, as with the work.

I made my intership in a 5 star Hotel, included in the list of the most luxury hotels in the world. It is very importatnt for my CV, we come to other country to do our intership in a importatnt company with name to improve our knowledges, and Eppas know how to choose the best companys for it. I learned a lot, especially the treatment given to guests of 5 stars. And my collegues help me a lot and everybody in the hotel was very kindly and friendly with me.

It has been a very rewarding experience and I recommend that. If you can do a Erasmus or Leonardo you have to come to Prague and if you can choose I very recommend you do it with Eppas.

Hugo / Portugal

As I went through this experience in Prague and at gallery, I never thought it could be a so enriching period of my life. We had all the support from Eppas, from the time of our arrival and, I'm sure, the time of our departure. We were really welcomed and that made us enjoy life in Prague in all its extension.

So I think I can say that this journey gave me skills that I didn't know I had with me and the opportunity to improve myself in some areas and know myself better because of it.

Ricardo / Portugal

The colaboration with Eppas was very good, I would say. I always felt that they were ready to help us, wether it was something related to the internships or in day to day situations. It was a very good idea to promote the meeting with other studens here in Prague and I liked that every once in a while we were told what exciting things were happening in prague, so that we could enjoy them. I wasn't happy about my internship at the begining and I felt that Eppas tried to help as much as they could regarding that matter. I felt, however, that I would like to have had more options when it comes to companies because i think it makes sense that people in my area of work (television, film) have a better chance of learning and doind more interesting kinds of work in production companies.

About Prague, I have nothing but good things to say. I loved the city, the transportation system and the fact that it is so safe. Even though the people weren't always very friendly I always felt treated with respect and i loved the fact that almost everywhere is walking distance. I had a great time in Prague and I will definitely come back in the future. I cannot think ofany place where I would rather have had my internship in.

In the end, I feel very happy to have been given this opportunity and I feel that I have learned so much about so many things, including myself. I meet some wonderful people and had great experiences during the three months I was here. This was definitely a life changing experience.

Diana / Portugal

Eppas was there since day one! It gave me the help and support to everything that I needed and more, always beeing accessible and offering some ideas and information about programs and events that I could go to. It really made the best integration of my staying as it could be ever imagined.

The once city of my dreams as a child became a real thing when I got out of the airport. Amazingly beautiful and interisting, full of history and culture, with a wonderful and efficient grid of transportation, welcoming gardens and with a vivid night, it was the best experience abroad I ever had.

Work Placement:
For both companies I worked for, I couldn't ask for more. I always had a wonderful and welcoming environment, full of amazing and nice people who would make an efford to integrate me in their own and feel part of it. Some days were exhausting with the filming hours, while others were more relax and layed back, but still positive and full of ideas to make in the next day.

Laura / Spain

Eppas has helped us to do everything correctly and easily. All little problems have been solved quickly and without problems. I would like to say special thank you to our tutor for the help and take care about us in everything.

I felt in Prague like home. Apartment was in the centre and was very nice. I have become a very good friend with my flatmates. I have seen a lot of charming places that surprised me. I have visited some sites out off the city too (Terezin and Chesky Krumlov). I can say that this country is a beautiful place to live or visit more than once. I will come back to Prague for sure.

I have made my practice in a Social House for clients with mental disorders. My relationships with clients and with other assistants has been very satisfying and very closed. They have helped me in every situation and showed me all their job very clearly. I have participated in a lot of tasks (events organizing, presentations, administrative work, clients personal assistance etc.)

Ana / Spain

I appreciate all the work Eppas has done with us, because they have helped us all the time from the first day we arrived. We are living out of our country, a long way from our families and friends, having the support of Eppas has done easier and nicer everything, and this has made possible we enjoy more the experience.

Finally, one of the best things about this experience has certainly been live three months in a city like Prague. It has a special charm that makes you never get tired of walking through its streets.

Referring to our work placement, it has been the place where we’ve known different customs and different ways to face day to day work. In my case, I have been able to work with relax and without pressure. The best moments have been those when I felt that I was part of team, and the work I was doing was useful and necessary for a larger project.

Carlos / Spain

Eppas is the perfect partnership to have an successful experience in Prague. Eppas count on a very good professional, with very good professional relationships, in my case I found thanks to Eppas a perfect place where develop my experience and receive a lot of knowledges.

From the first moment till the last Eppas helps you to solve whatever you need. They will pick you up at the airport and they go with you to the place where you will stay, amazing place for sure.

Adrian / Spain

Our first contact with Eppas was back in Spain, where they called us to talk about how thing would be once in Prague. And as soon as we got to the airport, they took care of taking us to our apartment, and give us as much information as we could possibly need: public transport, maps, and most interesting areas in the city for different topics.

They let us choose between some local companies, so each one of us could pick the one that better feel our needs, knowledge or expectations. That way, I could choose a little but promising company working among other thing in software for Android.

Eppas keeps in contact with us, and they answer any possible question we ever have. We are having a great experience here. Actually, it almost feels like home.

Xacobe / Spain

As we landed in Prague, Eppas representative was waiting for us in the airport. He take us to our hostel and give us a maps. He accompanied us home. All was easy in a new city for us. Eppas representative went for all interviews with us. It was very helpful. I was doing my practices in international IT company.. I learned about networks, systems and user support. Company put at my disposal all the hardware that I needed. We often visited other companies which our company supported and learned about video conference, Cisco devices, virtualization services (Citrix, windows embedded), etc. EPPAS send us regularly information about Prague, parties, cultural activities, and so on. I was very happy in my company and also in Prague.

Antonio / Spain

We are happy with Eppas. They helped us a lot. The found for us a good company to do our practices. I was working for a big and good company, which have offices in all Europe and the people who worked with us were young and really nice. We were very happy with that company. We were testing the Microsoft share point 2010 and installed all the services on a server. Our boss gave us all that we needed to learn and we had also short class about Cisco management with an expert in that subject. We were really happy that we had opportunity to learn something new. And of course, Prague is a really nice city. It's people are really funny and very friendly. We didn't have any problem to adapt us to the live of the country. The food and beer was amazing :-)

Marcos / Spain

At first, when we arrive at Prague, one member of Eppas was waiting for us and he helped us with the transport to our hostel. After that, he talked with us about the companies and the kind job that we will do in them and he told us interesting and useful things about Prague, for example, where we could change money without pay commission, he gave us maps of the city and metro... During the following days, he went with us to the interviews at the different companies (it's much better than go alone) and he offered to help us in any possible way. The Eppas' member sends e-mails to us very often, asking how we are, or telling some interesting things about Prague.

All of us were working in very good companies. In mine, I was testing the antivirus, and programming some Python scripts, to test the Antispam and the MailShield.