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Name of the project: “TEDDIP’Europe”
Number of the project: 2015-3- FRO2-KA205- 010611
Name of the program: Erasmus+ KA2 - Strategic Partnerships
Duration of the project: January 2016 – January 2018
Project partners: France - ALFMED; IME Al Casal; IMC
Spain - CC Les Aigues
Italy - CESIE
Czech Republic – Eppas z.s., Domov sociálních služeb Vlašská


The project’s aim is to share resources, ideas and inspiration from different contexts and national methods in order to have the capacity to give to the minors with an intellectual disability the status of European citizen and to support the institutions involved in their effort to opening up and training their Youth workers.

The main objectives are:

  • to share and exchange good practise of professional practices of educators working with young people with an intellectual disability through short-term mobilities for educators and minors with intellectual disability;
  • to enhance EU citizenship of TEDDIP children and finally to foster the process of integration of young TEDDIP;
  • to reinforce professional EU networking and training

The objectives of the project will be reached by:

  1. Analysis on the state of de-institutionalization of the support structures for young TEDDIP, in reference to each national context, and of the normative context led by national government: download analysis
  2. Good practice videos presenting the experiences of young people with disabilities from Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and France who participated in mobility activities and practices used by project partner organisations in their work with youth with intellectual disabilities:

  3. Best practice guide presents methodologies and best practices used by professional educators working with young people with intellectual disabilities in Italy, Spain, France and Czech Republic: download guide
  4. Recommendations - “White Book” - will be produced in order to give suggestions to institutions at the National and European levels to enhance the rights of young TEDDIP and foster their inclusion.