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After more than a decade in facilitating mobility projects
Eppas has become a well known organization with
high-end outcomes and aim for priceless experiences.
We are able to organize work placements and
traineeships in every sector of labour market.


Why choose Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a business and cultural centre of Czech Republic.

Historical monuments. Nevertheless, highly valuable professional work experience. Priceless cultural immerssion and social connections. Multicultural and multilingual work environments create endless opportunities.


United Kingdom

Following yesterday‘s meet up, I thought you might be interested to know that I was offered a job this morning! I‘ve had much more interview success since returning home and I certainly couldn‘t have got my new job without my Prague experience!



Eppas is a really well-organised association and the team is sincerely involved in the mobility projects. They found me a huge work placement opportunity in my field. After my work placement, the company offered me a job. Therefore, thanks to Eppas I got a great job. I truly recommend them!


United Kingdom

Eppas and Martin ensured everything ran smoothly throughout my placement in Prague. The experience will no doubt help me get a job back in the UK or abroad in the future as it has provided me with many pieces of work, and it is thanks to Eppas for finding and arranging it. Eppas has helped make living in Prague for 3 months an enjoyable, stress-free experience which I can highly recommend.



I’ve been so lucky to participate to the Leonardo project in Prague, because this is really a beautiful city! Eppas has been so helpful with us, to the first moment until the last one. It has been an unforgettable experience!


United Kingdom

My time in Prague has been exceptional and would not have been possible without the support of Eppas. The staff arranged my accommodation, transport, and all other logisitcs; but also played an integral role in my social life by introducing me to other interns.



I spend a great time in Prague, the city life is wonderful! Eppas has been always there for us to improve our experience of the city, smily and open-minded.



The internship is great. It's a lot of fun and I think that I learned quite a lot. One of the best experiences that I had in my life and the fact that it's coming to an end is something that really saddens me.



I‘ve had an amazing experience in Prague, and i have to say thank you to Eppas, for making everything perfect. Since our arrival, they gave us a great welcome, giving us all the informations about the city! A special thanks to Martin; you have been always very nice and helpful, showing enthusiasm and making me feel like at home.

World placements

One step closer to your dream job.

Thanks to many years of cooperation with partners from European countries, we can facilitate suitable work placements all around Europe. Our strategic partners are located in Estonia, France, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom.

Placements are affected by following factors
  • Education level
  • English level
  • Previous work experience
Suitable work placements all over the Europe

Thanks to years of cooperation with partners from many European countries, we can facilitate suitable work placements in the following countries (Estonia, Ireland, Italy, France, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom)

We are managing and superviseing your stay

We provide project management with monitoring, evaluation and certification to ensure trainee’s development of professional and language skills and best possible work experience.

Teacher Training Programs

We are developing, facilitating and organising three teacher training programs from 2019:

  • Digital Education
  • Formative Assessment
  • Teaching Strategies

You can contact us for more information about the dates and content of these trainings at

Language courses

As many languages you know, as many times you are a human being.

English and Czech language courses are organized by Eppas and taught by certificated and professional educators, native speakers, with focus on cultural immersion and professional development. After successful completion of language course, every participant receives a certificate.


We’re able to find you a suitable workplace in almost any industry imaginable.


A place like home.

Participants are accommodated in higher class apartments located close to the city center. Apartments are fully equipped and furnished with WiFi connection. We mainly offer accommodation in shared bedrooms (max. 2 persons per bedroom) or single rooms. In every apartment ther is fully equipped kitchen and washing machine or laundry room. Please, note that accommodation is provided in self-catering mode.

Right after their arrival, participants are welcomed by Eppas Tutor (ET) at the airport and transferred to their apartments (tranfer is provided free of charge). All participants are provided with all the necessary information and instructed on how to navigate Prague.

Team of artists LIFEShow


Petra Tejnorová


Martina Musilová, Lukáš Jiřička


Michal Somoš, Lucie Špačková


Antonín Šilar


Adriana Černá


Jan Burian


Jaro Viňarský


Johana Schmnidtmajerová, Petr Vančura


J. Hromádko


Jaroslav Hrdlička

Cultural projects

LIFEshow introduces the possibility of fusion between theater language and modern technology.

In 2012, Eppas cooperated in realization of an interactive theater project LIFEshow that was performed in Prague and regional towns in Slovakia.

The project focuses focuses on exploring and finding the boundaries between actor and performer, between being and being in the role for himself on exploring the boundaries between reality and performances, documentary and playing, truth and lies.

With that, it involves new ways of engaging audiences and strategies for reaching and influencing public life. This way of working brings us a fundamental question: whether the theater should remain a form of social event, or is it a form of individual experience and perception.

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